Bio-Grow 500ml


– Bio-Grow, fertilizer for the growth phase, 100% organic.
– It can be additionally used during the flowering phase as a plant tonic.
– Contains natural sugars, ensuring perfect interaction with bacteria contained in the soil…. contains 70 micronutrients and vitamins B1, B2, C and E.
– use: earth and e.g. hydro unmechanized
– capacity: 1 liter, ( NPK: 8.0 – 2.0 – 6.0 )

TIP: New users are advised to take 1/4 of the recommended dose of Bio-Grow.
Bio-Grow’s full dose may be too strong for some lettuces, seeds, and clones.

APPLICATION: Biobizz products are water soluble and suitable for use both as a watering additive and as a folic spray.

DOSAGE: from 2 to 4 ml per 1 liter of water. Apply to any watering.

BIOBIZZ products have ecological certificates: Omri, Skal, EKO.

Type of nutritions:
Life phase:
full cycle
Type of cultivation:
phase application:
base nutrition, General improver
Capacity (L):

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Impressive growth during all the plant’s development stages

What is Bio·Grow?

You can apply this liquid growth fertilizer to most types of soil and substrate mixtures. It has 100% organic Dutch sugar beet extract at its base – commonly known as vinasse.

This by-product of turning sugar beets or sugar cane into sugar is created by a natural fermentation process. Starches in the sugar are then treated with enzymes to produce glucose that, along with other plant nutrients, help produce a rich food source for soil microbes, boosting their populations for a more productive soil.

The natural sugars and potassium in Bio·Grow activate the bacterial flora in the substrate to guarantee you an ample harvest of deliciously sweet fruit.

How to use it?

Bio·Grow is a complete fertilizer that can be used throughout the growing and flowering period.

Start with it as soon as the first leaves appear to when the plant is 10 – 15 cms tall. Then keep using Bio·Grow until the end of the fruit production.

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