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Chill Package

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Serious bud grower

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Dr. Green Package

King of the hill

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Dr Greenthumb will be sharing his journey and tips so you can learn how to grow the best buds in Malta. You can share your suggestions and problems so he can help you out!

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What’s changed
in Malta?

With the recent updates from the Government, you can now grow your own Weed Cannabis indoors. But before you do so, make sure you know the regulations well.

Growing is now legal

The recent update in legislation allows you to grow Cannabis in your household.

Plants limit

Each household is allowed to grow up to 4 plants of cannabis at the same time.

Out of sight

Growing outdoors is permitted as long as the plants are completely out of sight from the public.

Smoking outdoors is still illegal

The plant can only be enjoyed from the comfort of your home. It is still illegal to smoke in public in Malta.