Week 5 Flowering

It’s week 5 of flowering for this strain and it’s looking like it’s having a really good time outdoors. The repot was slightly stressful and with most of the leaves turning a darker shade of green and very close to being a little too much. I’ve had my fair share of insect issues with all my outdoor plants but this seems to be special. There’s a few lady bugs that call it home which have kept Aphids and Mites completely off the plant.


Growing Recipe


Cali Sour Diesel by Humboldt Seeds


  • Magic Mix
  • Calmagno
  • Molasses
  • Biobizz Microbes
  • Biobizz Light Mix
  • Perlite


  1. Germinated seeds using wet tissue method.
  2. Prepared soil mix using
    1. Biobizz Light Mix, 4 litres
    2. Perlite, 1 litre
    3. CalMagno, 10 grammes
    4. Magic Mix, 15 grammes
  3. Sow seed in 5 litre pot
  4. Repotted to a 16 litre pot a few weeks after the plant switched to flowering
  5. Soil preparation for 16 litre pot
    1. Biobizz Light Mix, 14 litres
    2. Perlite, 2 litres
    3. CalMagno, 50 grammes
    4. Magic Mix 150 grammes
  6. Apply Microbes by Biobizz to water once every 2 weeks (grow+bloom)
  7. Apply Molasses to water once every 2 weeks (bloom)
  8. No Flush will be needed however I will stop applying Microbes and Molasses a couple of weeks before.


* this plant was germinated in the middle of Summer so this was always going to be a small plant, so I did not really need too much nutrition and used smaller pots than usual.

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