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Go from awesome new grower to plant master in just a few months. Simple & easy steps you can follow today to jumpstart your growing experience. What to expect:

We bust some growing myths
How to grow happy plants with no experience
Have you been getting your harvesting wrong? And does it really matter?
What you should never do
Your “Getting Started” checklist

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The reason why I decided to write this guide is to make growing Cannabis more accessible to anyone who needs it. Sounds obvious right?… but here’s some food for thought.

The only way you can buy Cannabis in Malta at the moment is through a Pharmacy. You’ll need to apply for a license with your name being registered. If you have a sensitive profession, or cannot register your name (for some reason), you will need to buy off the street. Putting yourself in more danger of being caught or exposed.

With the new laws changing in Malta to allow for 4 plants in every household, growing your own Cannabis isn’t looking so outrageous after all, especially when you don’t need anyone (ever) for your supply.

At Dr. Greenthumb, we understand how sensitive the situation may be to an individual and this guide is intended for those who would like to grow in complete privacy.

I hope you found this guide useful and please share it with anyone looking to learn to grow.

Happy Growing,
Dr. Greenthumb

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