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5 Gift ideas for the grower in your life

If you’re looking for the perfect gift for your favourite grower this Christmas, you’ve come to the right place! Think of all the wonderful possibilities – from seeds, to Secret Santa bundles, to a complete plant grow!. Don’t know wheere to start from ? We have you covered.

it’s like a veritable wonderland of growing joy! They’ll be able to set up their own sustainable mini farm or expand on an existing system. There are many amazing gift ideas – everything from nutrients and even gift vouchers. – that will let their inner gardener shine. Give them the gift of knowledge with our Free Growing Guide download in every gift box! Just so they hit the ground running.


Starting from €26 depending on the strain chosen. This gift is perfect for those who have been wanting to start growing and have never gotten around to doing so.

Select a seed strain here

2. 🌿 2-Plant Starter

Starting from €33 depending on the strain chosen. This option includes 2 seeds comes with some good soil and and pots to start growing today.

3. 🌿2-Plant Complete – JUST ADD WATER 💦

Starting from just €53 this is our favourite pick! Just add water and you’ll have 2 healthy beautiful girls with the addition of Super Soil Mix.

4. 🌳 BIG Plant Complete – JUST ADD WATER 💦

Starting from just €44. Size does matter! This one is perfect for the Outdoor grower in your life. Plant in March and just add water for a large harvest!


Stuck for choice? Let your Secret Santa choose for themselves. Starting from €25. 

Buy Gift Voucher Here

Super Soil


Super Soil Mix.

Just Add water! 💦
Mix in with soil of EC1 and voila! Your plant has enough food for the entire cycle. Completely organic & could also be used as top dress feeding and for compost teas 🫖




Includes 5 of the essential nutrients needed for an amazing harvest.

Advanced Nutrients


Starter Pack.

Get the starter Pack of one of the most iconic brands in plant cultivation

Advanced Nutrients


Druid Nutrients is an all-in-one, and full-cycle growth solution for all possible growing mediums.

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