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In this article we would like to provide a short summary on the substrates and soil mixes currently available at our Ħaż-Zebbuġ Grow Shop as well as at our online store to offer guidance choosing the best option according to your needs.

Currently we stock Plagron, Biobizz and Canna Terra soils and a number of useful soil additives.

Generally speaking, most of these substrates are based on a mixture of high quality peats and perlite resulting in an optimal structure for root growth with ideal aeration and water related qualities like drainage. The only exception is the Biobizz Coco Mix which is made entirely from coco coir and coco peat. The controlled manufacturing process ensures that these products are free from any disease, pathogens and pollutants offering an ideal start for your home grow.

Our Plagron selection consists of the Lightmix, Growmix, Allmix, Royalmix, Batmix labels which are pre-fertilised with mineral and/or organic fertilisers in various extent and Promix which lacks of any added nutrients leaving the feeding completely to the grower. Their pH range is in the ideal cca. 6 – 7,5 range. The number of weeks which the nutrients in the pre-fertilised mixes last can somewhat vary in each situation, practically this depends on the condition and size of your plant. Let’s have a quick look what they offer:


As its name implies it has the least amount of added mineral fertilisers and it is recommended to start adding nutrients after 1 week. It consists of peat and perlite so it is up to the grower what else he adds to this mixture. It makes it easy for the plants to establish themselves after introducing them into this mixture. Suitable for young plants, even seedlings.


It is fertilised on a medium level providing mineral nutrients for approximately 3 weeks for your plants. It is also reinforced with worm castings for improved soil qualities and to enrich your soil microbiology. It is a very good option for a decent and easy kick-off.


The most pre-fertilised product amongst the basic mixes, containing organic nutrients for 6 weeks and just like the Growmix it also contains worm castings creating an ideal and hassle free substrate. Be careful when transplanting young plants such as seedlings into the Allmix as its higher level of nutrients may cause some nutrient burn.


Being one of Plagron’s premium product it contains the highest quality ingredients, substantial amount of organic fertilisers, worm castings and the most amount of perlite for an improved and very light soil structure. Just like the Allmix, it is pre-fertilised for 6 weeks and for young plants it is not recommended for the same reasons unless flushing a bit before planting.


You bet, this mixture contains bat guano which is a powerful natural fertiliser for late veg & flowering plants since it has higher amounts of P & K. Also fertilised for 6 weeks and not recommended for young plants, although can be poured on the bottom parts of the pot so when the roots will reach this layer it will greatly boosts your plant’s vitality.


It contains peat, perlite and worm castings only without any added fertiliser therefore it is needed to feed to plants from day 1 in this mixture. It is a great mix for experienced growers who already know how they would like to feed their plants or novice growers who’d like to experiment with various nutes since the EC level is the lowest in this mix.

Canna Terra Professional

a well known brand from the UK, this is another reliable, easy to use peat based medium for all growth conditions and for growers at all levels. It consists of black peat and granulated peat moss of the highest quality with added perlite for an improved soil structure. It has a good amount of Nitrogen providing a good kick off and a stable upbringing for your plants.

Biobizz Allmix

Another top notch UK brand, this high quality, fully organic mixture made up of 2 different kinds of peat, perlite, worm castings and contains nutrients for an approx. 2-4 week long period. The manufacturer recommends to moisture the mix and leave it for 36 hours for the soil life to start waking up creating a welcoming environment for your plants. Growers reportedly use it to grow from very early stages even from seed but avoid feeding too early.

Biobizz Coco mix

This mix is made up of different fractions of composted, washed and shredded coconut husks, namely coco coir and coco peat and is completely organic. It is widely used in hydroponic growing also. It possesses great properties when it comes to moisture retention, aeration and drainage and it has a neutral pH. With coco mediums we can avoid many soil related diseases and pests but they need an extra supplement of calcium, magnesium and iron but you can find nutrients specifically designed for coco use like Advanced Nutrients Coco line.


One can always add other ingredients to the given soil mix to enhance or change a certain property and they can be combined with each other also without an issue (even coco and peat). Many growers have their own secret recipe and the possible combination of ingredients are endless. For example, you can add extra perlite for an improved drainage, aeration and lightness or worm castings like Mega Worm to boost the microbiological activity and improve the soil structure or guano products like Bat Guano or Guanokalong to give a proper nutritional boost for the flowering stage. You can increase nutritional levels by adding in powdered or granulated fertilisers (but be careful!) and there is a whole range of other, useful soil amendments also which we’ll explain later.

At Dr.Greenthumb we highly advocate to create the perfect microbiological balance in the soil because it will greatly help us to grow strong and healthy plants. We are offering various, high quality products ranging from different microbe & bacteria based, also mycorrhiza additives in liquid and powdered versions which can be mixed straight into the substrate or can be added during the growth stage in a water solution.

In the next article we will have a look at what we have in our basket and how they work!

Stay tuned!

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