🌺 Week 7 Underway 🌺

This means that this will be the final feeding for these ladies, and officially 3 weeks away from getting the chop. ✂️
I’ve been taking extra precautions lately by installing some pot covers to keep moisture levels low & insect traps next to the soil, as lately I had a Fungus Gnat problem in my outdoor grow. I’ll do anything to keep these ladies safe right now. But anyways… let’s get right into the juice.

➡️ Biobizz Wwo

  • I did some light defoliation to uncover some bud sites last week, which seems to have paid off. The lower sites seem to be developing better now.
  • Trichome production is impressive for organic growth. Didn’t expect these results at all, to be honest.
  • Under a microscope, the trichomes are cloudy, and amber ones are starting to appear. I’d say there’s 5-10% amber at the moment.
  • The buds haven’t completely fattened up yet; we’ll see if this changes in the final stages.
  • Buds are very oily, and the smell has increased drastically. Can’t keep the tent open longer than 10 minutes at the moment without my neighbours noticing 😎

➡️ Advanced Nutrients

  • Beautiful purple hues are appearing across the larger sites. 💜
  • Trichome production is really insane. All the bud sites, including the lower ones, are frosty AF. Also, did some light defoliation to increase light to lower buds site.
  • Under the microscope, the tops are well developed, with amber trichomes appearing. After touching the buds, my fingers stick together. The oil and smell are really impressive.

Next week these ladies will be flushed in preparation for the final 2 weeks. I’ll be using Flawless Finish from Advanced Nutrients for the first time. Should be interesting. Thanks for tuning in and if you’re enjoying this content, please like this post and follow us for more updates.

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